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Toronto 2000
National Convention

Brief highlights of QCWA International Convention held at the Delta Airport Hotel
Oct 13-14th, 2000

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Celebrating Radio's First Century
Hosted by "Fred Hammond, Chapter 73"

The local Chapter of the Quarter Century Wireless Association has worked over the past two years preparing to host the QCWA International Convention.

Held on October 13-15th in Toronto our Chapter hosted over 100 American and Canadian members of the Association.

During the wrap up banquet, a ceremony officially changing the name of the Chapter from the Southern Ontario Chapter 73 to the "Fred Hammond Chapter 73". The new banner (right) was unfurled with Chapter President Earl Mann VE3EHM, President Gary Harrison K0BC, Rob Hammond VE3EIL, one of Fred's sons and Chapter Secretary Treasurer Harold Braun VE3DWH. On behalf of the Hammond Family, Rob Hammond thanked the Chapter and QCWA for honouring Fred VE3HC, who passed away in November of 1999.

Garry Hammond VE3XN (no relation) of Listowel gave an excellent presentation at the Saturday evening banquet of his recent trip to China, honouring the accomplishments of Fred & others in assisting in the re-establishing of Amateur Radio in China.

Gary related to the crowd the unselfish donation of time and equipment made by Fred Hammond VE3HC, Martin Rosenthal VE3MR and Tom Wong VE7BC as they set up a large club station BY1PK in Beijing in the early 80s. Click the link to see one of Fred's HL1000 amplifiers in Beijing.

Several local Amateurs were honoured

Doug Hall VE3TB of Guelph receives a 65 Year Certificate from QCWA President Gary Harrison K0BC

QCWA President Gary Harrison, K0BC made a number of presentations to QCWA members from across North America. These awards represented recognition of members who have been licensed for 50 years or more.

As well, FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth, was recognized for his service to Amateur Radio. A member of his staff accepted the award on his behalf.

Local hams honoured were.... Doug Hall VE3TB of Guelph was recognized for 65 years as a radio amateur.

While absent for the presentations, Ted Bodman VE3CD and Jack Fortune VE3VO of Waterloo were recognized as members of the QCWA Century Club. This award is made for members whose age and years as a radio amateur equal 100 or more. In total 16 members of Chapter 73 were recognized this year.

KWARC member Paul Cassel VE3SY receiving his Service Award from QCWA President Gary Harrison

Paul Cassel VE3SY received the Meritorious Service Award given by the General Manager, Jim Walsh W7LVN and presented by President Gary Harrison K0BC, recognizing outstanding service by a chapter member. Paul was recognized for the work he has done in creating the chapter and convention web sites. President Gary remarked about the excellent web sites in his column in the Summer issue of The Journal.

The week-end concluded with a bus trip on Sunday to the " Hammond Museum of Radio" where a personalized tour of the Museum was provided by Fred's Sons Rob and Bill Hammond and Museum Curator, Nori Irwin.

To keep the VE3HC call active, Paul VE3SY activated the VE3HC Memorial Station and made a dozen or so contacts.

The Hammond Museum Tour group outside of the Museum.
Your webmaster kneeling right side front ro

The tour stop for lunch at The Plainsman Restaurant in Dundas where they enjoyed a wonderful buffet and then on to Mount Hope a visit to the Warplane Heritage Museum.

It was announced that this probably marked the end of large 3 day conventions for some time since no Chapters have offered to sponsor conventions in 2001 or 2002. However, next year QCWA will sponsor a Caribbean cruise departing Fort Lauderdale, FL on Oct 27th 2001, for a cruise to islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The trip will be open to all Amateurs, not exclusively QCWA members. Watch for details in the Winter issue of The Journal.

Harold Braun VE3DWH
Fred Hammond Chapter 73

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