Quarter Century Wireless Association
Fred Hammond Chapter 73
About us
The Quarter Century Wireless Association was organized to Promote friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio operators who were licensed at least a quarter century ago.

There are presently more than 10,000 active members of QCWA -- and nearly 30,000 membership numbers have been assigned over the years by Headquarters. Although the majority of these amateurs live in the United States, membership stretches from Australia to Zimbabwe.

A great deal of the growth and dynamic character of QCWA, since it was founded in 1947, is a direct result of the Chapters chartered across the continent and around the world. Today there are 152 QCWA Chapters in the United States. These Chapters are self-governing, making an annual report to the National organization, and they operate in substantial agreement with the National Constitution and By-Laws.

Members may belong to multiple local Chapters, although -- for the purposes of Headquarters' record keeping -- each must designate a Home Chapter. Regardless of local affiliation, every QCWA member is welcome to partake of all local and national QCWA meeting and on-the-air activities.

Our Fred Hammond Chapter 73 was originally formed in 1973 as the Southern Ontario Chapter and meets twice yearly. The name was changed at the 2000 International Convention in Toronto to honour one of our founding members, Fred Hammond VE3HC (SK)